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Ductless Air Conditioning

An air conditioner is a system whose goal is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, these systems can be used in both domestic and commercial environments.


As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, you know you will get professional advice, quality products, and expertise from our staff to help you pick the system that fits you best. Our energy-efficient Bryant products are whisper quiet, cost-effective, and designed to provide ultimate indoor comfort.


With an older air conditioner and poorly maintained system, fixing the unit might cost more than replacing it. This is especially true with inefficient AC systems that gobble enough electricity to make utility bills unmanageable. Many of our customers are amazed by how much they save on monthly energy costs after upgrading to a high-efficiency unit.



Small malfunctions in one part of an air conditioner can, if ignored, quickly cause damage in other parts of the unit. Sometimes this results in total system failure. We service all types of air conditioner makes and models from high-tech mini-split systems to old units. Our NATE-Certified specialists can quickly get your cooling system back on track. All of our work is backed by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


The proper performance from an air conditioning system depends on many parts, all of which work together to cool the air in your home or building. If one of these parts start to fail, it can create problems for the rest. Catching small problems early can prevent other problems from ever happening. At Gartner Heating and Cooling, we want to ensure that your air conditioning system will run efficiently for the life of the unit and that you save money on your electric bill on the way.

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