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  • Juan P Martinez

Is it hot in here?

When a system is dirty your air conditioning cannot flow which in turn makes it so that more electricity is needed to work. The consequences of this can accumulate and translate into expensive repairs. To you living at home this may feel like you are stuck inside a stove melting your better years away. Moreover, the moist that is being lost will definitely steal your comfort and in the long term cause mold and start producing bad smells.Add to that the fact that you could be saving 35% on electricity and the list goes on.

So what can be checked?

Air filter

Blower motor and capacitor

Evaporator coil

Condensation drain line

Chemically clean condenser coil

Check freon levels

Condenser fan motor (Lubrication may be needed)

Components like transformer, contactors and capacitors


Electrical connections

It's a long list but by hiring a professional you are insured that your comfort will be returned and that has no price. In the meantime be sure to enjoy the upcoming summer.

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