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This thermostat is about more than giving you remote access, it's about helping you save money on energy through advances in programming design, smart recovery and energy use reporting. You can see when you're spending the most on energy and tailor your settings to save. And, when you're not home, this thermostat will work to heat or cool the most efficient way possible for your system type and brand.

Bryant® Wi-Fi® Thermostat

    • Full-color, backlit display
    •  Daily and monthly energy reports help you monitor and manage your system's energy use
    •  Intelligent, energy-wise programming helps you save 24-7
    •  4-day local weather forecast
    •  Hybrid Heat® system management capable
    •  Comfort staging capable in both heating and cooling modes
    •  Three levels of fan speed control: On-Auto-Circulate
    •  Intuitive, lifestyle-based programming with 7-day, wake-away-home-sleep and vacation programming
    •  Wi-Fi® remote access capability allows temperature management and visibility to your energy-use reporting from anywhere
    •  Automatically changes over between heating and cooling
    •  Pop-up reminders: runtime-based or fixed-schedule timed filter change reminders; service reminders
    •  5-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration
    •  OPTIONS
    •  Compatible with 3-zone panels ZONEBB3ZHP01 and ZONEBB3ZAC01
  • T2-WHS

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