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Fan Coils for the Ultimate in Cooling and Heating Efficiency


Evolution® Fan Coils are an easy way to cut cooling costs by up to 16% and heating costs up to 10%. They also feature variable speed control, corrosion-resistant plating and environmentally-friendly

Evolution Series Fan Coil

    • May improve system efficiency by up to 2 SEER points
    •  Cooling savings up to 16%
    •  Heating savings up to 10%
    •  Environmentally sound Puron refrigerant
    •  Puron refrigerant-specific Thermostatic Expansion Valve metering device
    •  Smart Diagnostics
    •  Evolution® control board
    •  Exclusive DuraCoat™ tin-plated coils available
    •  Advanced user interface
    •  Improved humidity control
    •  Advanced temperature control
    •  10-year parts limited warranty upon registration; Tin plated coil 10-year parts limited warranty; Copper coil 5-year parts limited warranty
    • FE4A
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