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Home Heating and Cooling for Comfort That Fits Your Budget


Our most affordable whole-home comfort system, the Legacy packaged heat pump delivers reliable efficiency older systems just can't match. You'll get warm weather cooling, wintertime heating and dependenable Bryant® quality.

Legacy™ Line Heat Pump Systems

    • Enjoy efficient, cool summer comfort
    •  Transition to winter with heat pump heating efficiency of 8.0 HSPF (607C**B only)
    •  Enjoy the optimized comfort of multi-speed air delivery
    •  Blower-enhanced comfort during cooling operation through reduced humidity with appropriate control
    •  Galvanized steel cabinet with "coil on top" design for lasting durability against the elements
    •  Heavy-duty wire grille protects the coil against physical damage
    •  Solid cabinet base panels help prevent infiltration of dirt, debris and moisture
    •  10-year parts limited warranty upon registration
    •  Copper coil 5-year parts limited warranty
    • 607C**B
    • 604D


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