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Strike the Balance Between Upfront Costs and Your Need for Higher Efficiency


The GB model is impressively efficient even using a single-stage compressor and a multi-speed blower. So it can help you cut costs today and for the long haul. And with built-in sound dampeners like full insulation and double-isolation compressor mounting, you'll still enjoy quiet comfort.

Legacy™ Multi-Speed Heat Pumps

    • Manage your utility costs with high-efficiency comfort (efficiency is unit size dependent): Closed loop cooling EER - Up to 28.1; Closed loop heating COP - Up to 4.3
    •  Multi-speed air delivery aids quiet performance
    •  Single-stage compressor operation
    •  Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
    •  Wide operating temperature range with exceptional cold weather performance
    •  Corrosion-resistant coil for durability
    •  2" MERV 8 filtration
    •  10-year parts and labor limited warranty
    •  Supplemental, domestic hot water generation
    •  Internally-mounted auxiliary heat
    •  Smart startup add-on for smoother operation
    • GB
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