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CK5A Evaporator Coil Design Delivers Rugged Cooling Power


Bryant's Preferred CK5A Evaporator Coil adds cooling power and boosts the efficiency of your home air conditioning system. Lasting dependability is assured with features like corrosion-resistant coil plating.

Preferred CK5A Evaporator Coil

    • Environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant
    •  Upflow/downflow application
    •  Cased N-coil design
    •  Thermostatic Expansion Valve
    •  Check-Flo-Rater metering
    •  Painted cabinet
    •  Insulated case
    •  Tapered drain pan
    •  Enhanced fins and grooved tubes
    •  5-year parts limited warranty; Tin plated coil 10-year parts limited warranty; Copper coil 5-year parts limited warranty
    • CK5A
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