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Comfort Plus Economy, Now Packaged in a Single System


Bryant® Preferred gas/electric packaged products include our best packaged efficiency HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems for electric heat pump warmth and cooling combined with gas furnace heating. Or, select total climate control that pairs an air conditioner with a gas furnace for energy-saving performance and year-round, whole-home comfort.

Preferred™ Series Gas Heat/Electric Cool Systems

    • Enjoy cool, summer comfort up to 16 SEER & 12 EER efficiency
    •  Transition to winter with heat pump heating efficiency of up to 8.5 HSPF (677E & 677C only)
    •  Keep warm and cozy with gas heating when the weather turns cold
    •  Enjoy the optimized comfort of multi-speed air delivery
    •  Two-stage operation allows longer, more consistent heating and cooling cycles on low stage for savings and comfort (677E & 577E only)
    •  Enhanced comfort during cooling operation through reduced humidity with appropriate control
    •  Galvanized steel cabinet with "coil on top" design for lasting durability against the elements
    •  Louvered grille protects the coil against physical damage
    •  Solid cabinet base panels help prevent infiltration of dirt, debris and moisture
    •  20-year limited warranty on heat exchanger or Lifetime limited warranty on heat exchanger
    •  10-year parts limited warranty upon registration
    •  Copper coil 5-year parts limited warranty
    • 677E**B
    • 677E**A
    • 677C**A
    • 577E**A
    • 577E**B
    • 577C**A
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